You need a website for your roofing business that converts potential roofing clients into highly closeable leads, but you don’t have thousands and thousands of dollars to spend.

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is the solution!

Here’s how it works!

You create a free account
You answer a series of questions over 7 easy steps
We confirm your answers and launch your customized site

It’s that easy!

Let’s take a little closer look at the questions we ask.

Step 1

Create a free account

Step 1 is simply getting an account set up for you. Don’t worry, we are not charging you anything until we have confirmed all of the details of your site. The reason we need to create an account first, is so if you need to stop along the way through these steps we can save your information for you.

If that happens, you can rest easy knowing you can come back when you’re ready to finish, and all of your answers will be saved. You will be able to go back and forth to edit old answers, as well as continue your progress.

step 1 account setup
step 2 domain questions

Step 2

Web Domain Questions

Step 2 is where we start getting into your website details and we start with the information we need about your domain name. Do you have one? If yes, what is it? Where is it registered? Stuff like that.

All of the information we are asking is required for us to help you get your site live.

Step 3

Design Questions

Step 3 is where you get to make some selections about the type of site design you want. Here is where you can understand how we keep your website so affordable.

You should only be concerned about the competitors in your market. We pre-design websites for use that are each limited to being used by 1 company in a 20-mile radius. So if you choose a design, then that design is not available to anyone else within 20 miles – but it might be used in another market, or even in another state. It’s what we call “design sharing”, and it cuts the cost per site drastically, and you get to save!

Go ahead and choose from one of our many pre-designed websites, or you can choose custom design. Either way you pay a simple monthly fee. If you ever want to change your design to a different one from our portfolio, no problem!

step 3 design questions
step 4 content questions

Step 4

Content Questions

Step 4 is where you will make some content choices. Just like the design selection, we have already written some incredible content for you.

The first thing to do is pick which content you want on the site, and then you pick whether you want to use our content, or re-write it for yourself. If you choose to re-write it, we have some options to help you, or you can choose to do that on your own.

Step 5

Menu Questions

Step 5 is all about those menus. Here you will use our easy drag-and-drop tool to build your menus. It is very simple, and we start you off with our recommendations based on our years of experience.

step 5 menu questions
step 6 photography questions

Step 6

Photography Questions

Step 6 is all about the imagery on the site. We have a huge selection of stock photos you can use, or you can choose to add your own photography. You give us the photos, and we will work with you to make sure they are in just the right spots on the website.

Step 7

Finishing Touches

Step 7 is the final step, and covers a few different items.

This is where you give us information about things like Google Analytics, and whether or not you’d like to use a Live Chat feature. We also ask you if you want help with email services and video production. It’s also a place for you to add in anything else you’d like on the site.

Finally, a simple Terms and Conditions (one you can actually read, with no hidden agenda), then billing info and you’re ready to get started! We don’t actually bill your account until you have been called back by one of our reps to confirm the registration and make sure we have all of the details ready. This will happen within the first 24 hours of your registration.

step 7 finishing touches

That’s it… it’s really that simple!

Now it’s our turn to get to work and launch your new site.

No gimmicks, no commitment and no funny business. You can go back to focusing on your job, and that is helping people with their roof!

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