Is there a minimum commitment or contract?

Nope! Once you complete the registration process the billing begins. You can choose to cancel at anytime without any penalty. We believe in our service and are willing to earn you business each and every month!

Why do email services cost more?

Email services require an abnormally large about of technical support. We are happy to provide email services but do not want to burden those customers who do not require them with additional costs. This is the best and fairest way to charge for these services. Our primary service are websites for roofing contractors. Because websites share a domain as the common backbone of the service, providers are often mistakenly lumped together as providing both. Email is best to be managed by a local “IT” services company but when clients choose to package those services we are here with a solution.

Will we still have to pay for hosting?

Nope! Hosting for your website is included with all of our websites.

How long does it take to complete a custom website?

It can take as quick as 2 weeks. The greatest determining factor is the amount of custom content we are being requested to write. For a 30+ page website, it can take up to 60 days for a fully custom website.

Will my competitor have the same website?

Nope! We provide a 20 mile radius of protection for each client. What that means is, no other company can use the same design within 20 miles of yours. Don’t delay in getting started so you can secure your favorite design.